Reliance Jio: Rs 21 plan to run throughout the year

India currently has 4 major telecom companies. Reliance Jio is the country’s largest telecom company. The remaining three companies include BSNL, Airtel and VI (Vodafone idea). These four companies continue to launch cheap and luxurious plans to retain their existing customers and attract new customers. The most important thing in any plan in today’s time is Internet data. So, these companies give special attention to data. In these, Jio has a plan that is worth very low. But you can use that plan throughout the year. You know the detail of this plan.

Jio’s Rs 21 Plan

Reliance Jio has a cheap prepaid plan priced at just Rs 21. This is a 4g data voucher in which you get a total of 2 GB of data. Further, these plans do not offer any other benefit. As far as the commodity of this plan is concerned, Geo’s Rs 21 plan will go up to the commodity of your already active plan. That is, if you recharge a plan of Rs. 21 after 1 year recharge, the commodity of this plan will be 21 days. This is an add-on plan.

Jio’s Rs 11 plan

Jio has another plan priced at just Rs 11. This plan comes with a total of 1 GB data benefit. But the commodity of this plan is also associated with the commodity of your existing basic plan that has already been recharged. If you have recharged a plan with 1 year’s commodity, the Rs. 11 plan can also run for the entire 1 year like a plan of Rs. 21. But the plan also comes with only 1 GB of data.

VI’s cheapest plan

The cheapest data plan is Rs 16, which will provide a total of 1 GB of data benefit. The commodity of this plan is only 24 hours. The next cheapest plan of VI is Rs 48. The commodity of this plan is 28 days. This plan gets a total of 3 GB data benefit. Like Geo’s 11 and 21-point plan, these plans of VI do not have a time or SMS benefit.

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